A Gift I Give My Future Self (pt 1)

It started with coffee. For me, everything does. In order to function, I have to have a huge mug of strong coffee first thing in the morning. Before you ask, no, I don’t want to quit.

I make my morning coffee with a French press. Up until a couple of years ago, I would start every morning from the very bottom – washing out the carafe, refilling the electric kettle to boil the water, finding a clean coffee mug, or washing one if I didn’t do dishes the previous day. Grinding the beans, locating/washing measuring spoons for the ground coffee, sweetener, and creamer. And then preparing breakfast for the Princess, First of Her Meows, Darling Angel Sweetie Precious Best Kitty in the Whole World Ever. Or usually just Gabby. She gets a little bowl of canned food with supplements sprinkled on top (along with a little magic, but that’s for another post.)

That was on a good day, when things went relatively smoothly. Other days were not so smooth – it took longer to find the dishes I needed; someone else was using the sink; coffee grounds went on the floor instead of in the carafe. Did I mention Gabby’s dishes needed to be washed too? It sort of worked, but it was far from ideal.

One evening, I washed my carafe and my mug, then I set them on the counter ready for the morning. That morning was indeed a little better, so I kept doing it. It took a while to develop the habit of doing it consistently, but eventually it stuck. Later on, to cut expenses, I switched to cheap Folger’s ground coffee and measured it into the carafe I rinsed and dried in the evening, eliminating two more morning steps. I started filling the electric kettle at night, asking my roommate to please refill it if she uses it after I’ve gone to bed.

I had the beginnings of an evening routine that was working to make my mornings better – something I never had before.

In the next installment, I will talk about how I built on this new habit to start making regular offerings.