Last week I took a walk down to the brook, to sit in my favorite alcove and enjoy the shade and coolness and the not-being-inside-ness.

There had been some construction on the curb at the end of my street, but I can’t tell what it’s meant to be.



I saw several types of flowers, all beautiful, none I can identify. I’ve missed flowers. It’s been a long, cold, difficult winter and spring.




Someone else had been here, who knows how long ago.


The brook.


The fallen branches weren’t here before. Now they make a nice refuge for the turtles this alcove is named for.



As I made my way home, the wind was picking up, so I couldn’t get a clear picture of one last flower.


Thank you for walking with me! Next time we go, let’s take a trash bag and some gloves to do some cleaning up.

2 thoughts on “Walkies

  1. if I didn’t know any better, i’d think the construction is for water retention.. out here, at least, big riprap rock like that is used to slow water and let it sink into the ground. And there are water channels cut out of the concrete that’s btwn the riprap and the bricks, but like… the sandy looking stuff?? makes me unsure hahahaha

    Your area is so much greener than mine. Ah, i’m a bit jealous! XD

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